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Why I’ve been MIA lately

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Sorry for my mysterious absence these last few weeks, but I’ve had a really big shove from the universe, and I have decided to run with it. See, in the span of just a couple weeks I have nearly 2 dozen people suggest that I start teaching cooking classes.

At first I just thought ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll think about it’. But by the 10th or 15th person I realized there was something bigger going on here and that I better not ignore it!

Since curing myself of depression, and overcoming chronic exhaustion by changing my diet, I’ve developed a real passion for creating food that not only tastes delicious, but helps to balance my mood and keep my energy high throughout the day.

I have already incorporated this knowledge by sharing recipes and information with my clients, but what I’m hearing is that a lot of people feel intimidated about trying new foods. They would feel better if someone showed them how to make some new, easy, tasty dishes so they could confidently incorporate some new healthy recipes into their life.

So that is the direction I am moving in. I will still continue with my health coaching practice, and continue to offer my support to those who struggle with food and body issues, but that will no longer be the main focus of my newsletter or blog. Instead I will be sharing feel-good food recipes, food information and cooking tips.

Thank you so much for supporting me so far in my journey with my business, and for your patience as I completely overhaul my website in the next month.

If you want to stay in the loop with my recipes, classes, etc., please check out my Facebook page here.

Sending lots of love andĀ appreciation your way!


4 thoughts on “Why I’ve been MIA lately

  1. This is a great continuation of what you’ve been doing and what others love.. Go for it! You will do great! šŸ˜‰šŸ’•

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