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This might literally change your life

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Watch this first! (only about 15 minutes and might change your life!!)

Instead of my usual blog post I wanted to share what I consider a really important video.  In this video neuroscientist Sandra Aamodt discusses weight set point theory which states that our brains want us to be at a certain weight range (10-15 lbs) and causes our body to slow down our metabolism if we restrict our food intake (i.e. a diet) and will speed up if we overdo it around the holidays…all to keep us at a certain set weight.

So I want to discuss the implications of this.  The first being that clearly diets are not a long term solution to weight loss -in fact in nearly half of those who were on a diet in the past actually gained weight post diet! And due to dieting, we can actually RAISE our set point!

If you’ve ever been on a diet you know exactly what I mean when I say that diets make you crazy.  You obsess over every morsel you put into your mouth, you think about food endlessly, you drink coffee to try to manage your feelings of hunger, and exercise solely to ‘burn calories.’ And then when you inevitably ‘fall off the wagon’ you feel like a failure for not eating or exercising perfectly and that soon leads you to emotional eating and very likely binge eating.

So knowing what we now know…is it worth it??

The second thing that will happen to you once you can accept that your weight really is NOT in your control, is maybe you can start accepting your body.  And maybe stop trying to shame it into submission (’cause we all know how well that works!).

You don’t have to be happy about the situation in order to accept it.  Imagine if you had lost a limb.  You wouldn’t likely be happy about it, but you know that since you cannot grow back a new one you have no control over it.  Unless you wanted to waste the rest of your life being bitter or obsessed (remind you of anyone?), at some point you would come to a place of acceptance and move on with your life.

Hmm a life without being crazy around food and without obsessing about weight??? Whoa!!! Can you imagine?

I want you to think about what dieting and weight obsession is costing you in terms of your happiness.  Then I want you to picture your life if you accepted that your set weight is not up to you….would you get on with your life already?

That’s it for now, but watch your inboxes for an announcement of the cool training series I’ve developed for you coming very soon!

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