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‘I’m going to Mexico in a week and I am not doing any crash diets or 10 day detoxes to get me looking smaller because I am perfect the way I am.  That is the biggest thing for me. I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I wouldn’t have got to this place without Leanne’s support.  Thanks Leanne!’ – M.

‘Leanne helped me find a new me.  Best gift ever!!’ – Sarah

‘Leanne is absolutely brilliant when it comes to nutrition, but that’s not why I hired her! After our sample call I realized she was a teacher at heart who would put my emotional wellness first. We work on what I eat, how much I move, and how I feel in my body, but those things are all secondary to whether or not I am being kind and caring to myself. Leanne’s not just a great coach, she also a relentless champion that calls me into a peaceful self. I cannot say enough about the influence she has had on me and how that has trickled down to my kids. Our lives are forever changed because food no longer triggers guilt or resentment. Thanks you for setting us free!’ – Angela H.

‘The first time I spoke with Leanne on the phone I knew she was the kind of person I could fully open up to in order to get at the heart of what was causing so much turmoil in me emotionally and physically. I felt like finally I was talking to someone who had experienced many of the same extremely self sabatoging thoughts and actions as I was at that moment. I knew she could understand and feel my pain and she listened and encouraged and helped me learn valuable skills to get past the hurtful ways I had been treating myself. Leanne helped me believe in me and learn to love myself which at the same time opened me up to living my life to the fullest. I feel I am now lovingly present with my husband and children in a way that seemed so unattainable before the amazing connection and support I gained from my meetings with Leanne.  Anyone who takes a chance to meet with Leanne is lucky and should prepare to feel amazing after their first meeting! I know I did!’ -Robbie M.

‘Leanne has been coaching me since April, where I began my journey in finding how to love myself, respect myself, to be grateful and thankful for all I have accomplished and that I am worthy of feeling joy and happiness. After working with Leanne I have finally surrendered and accepted to just enjoy my life in this moment and surrendered those demons that have stopped me from thinking I have to look a certain way, or the time isn’t right, just go out and let life happen as it should. Leanne has brought great wisdom of words into my life and released me to just be me, people will still love me just the way I am. I am so very grateful to Leanne for showing me that only I can make myself happy, people can’t make us happy and that is by loving ourselves first, and to accept what we can change only in ourselves and not trying to change others. To anyone that is reading these testimonials, Leanne is life changing because she cares and wants to make a difference in people’s lives, she is committed to giving you self worth.’ June P.

‘Leanne is amazing!  She has really helped me to sort through the things I need in my life and weed out whatever holds me back.  I have been given to the skills to stay optimistic, patient and happy.  I feel that Leanne has really helped me to improve my life.’  – Richard S.

‘I have received personal coaching from Leanne for the past four months.She has helped me cope with and pass through an extremely difficult time in my life.  Her knowledge, positive attitude and support have been immeasurable.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to make positive life changes.’  – Gail D.

‘Leanne has worked wonders for me in ways I didn’t realize I needed. She’s worked with me to identify areas of my life that are critical to my well being that I neglected and she’s provided real and practical ways to find balance. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for ways to lead a healthier life :)’  – Sarah S.

‘When I signed on to be in your program I was l struggling with a few areas in my life. Sticking to my candida diet and finding creative ways to enjoy it, was a biggie. Not only did I become more accountable for my choices, I became more positive and a lot more healthy. I have found I am able to use the tools to stay on track. The 90-10 concept works great for me!’ – Leanne G.

‘The life I always wanted to live was right in front of me and I found myself not living it. Part of creating a life I love included good health (emotional health, good nutritious food & exercise), loving relationships with (my husband, my family and friends) and creative fulfilling work with the opportunity to live and work anywhere. I knew what I wanted, although I didn’t seem to do the things I so wanted, I could see myself becoming frustrated and ultimately not feeling very happy. Working with Leanne has been a very rewarding experience for me, and has provided me with the added direction I was looking for. I really enjoyed our meetings every two weeks and looked forward to the feedback received after our meetings. Leanne has a style that allowed me to share, recognize my stumbling blocks and make concrete changes. Meeting with Leanne every two weeks provided accountability and the six month program is a win-win as you can really make concrete changes during this timeframe, I would highly recommend working with Leanne.’ – Bonnie Isaacson Marcoux

‘I’ve learned sooo much and I can say it has changed me…for the better..(I know…how could I possibly get any better but it’s true!) It’s not a gimmick or a fly by night…this is the real deal! You do not have to live in Saskatoon to benefit from working with Leanne! It is so much more than food and weight…I kid you not! You won’t regret contacting her!!!’ – Edie K.

‘Working with Leanne was the most rewarding experience I have done to better my health.  Being kitchen illiterate, I learned to make healthy and enjoyable meals for the whole family in under 30 minutes.  I learned what foods trigger different responses (good and bad) in my body and most importantly I learned how to be conscious of my choices.  I feel empowered and 100 times smarter about my body!’ – Mel B.