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A new approach to holiday weight gain

Ok now I know I’m not alone here when I say I gained a few pounds over the holidays (which included some time with my family in Hawaii laying on beaches, enjoying delicious food and drinks and simply not holding back from experiencing all the wonderful things in life).

Here’s what my typical response was in the past to the inevitable extra holiday 5 or 10 lbs I would gain every year. First I would feel so self conscious and gross that going out in public was limited to a bare minimum - and all while wearing yoga pants or other frumpy clothes so I wouldn’t constantly be reminded that my clothes were tighter now.

The body shaming would usually continue long after Xmas and I would soothe myself by emotionally eating and bingeing on any leftover baking or any chocolate that remained in the house. I’d tell myself that I’d have to eat it all now because as soon as it’s gone then the diet starts.

It would take me weeks or sometimes even months to recover from this awful guilt/shame/judgment cycle I put myself in every year.

This year was different. I am committed to enjoying my life (and my holidays!) fully, without letting the diet/body shaming mentality creep in. These are the things I remind myself if I catch my mind starting to focus on my weight:

  • there is no diet ‘starting soon’ (so I have no urges to binge or emotionally eat)
  • knowing what I know about weight set point theory, I know my body will move to the weight it’s supposed to be at on it’s own (especially since I’m not being triggered to binge)
  • no matter what size my body is, it’s still a beautiful, amazing and wonderful gift that enables me to experience all the great things in life (and that I now choose to celebrate and care for rather than abuse and hate)
  • oh yeah MOST people gain weight over the holidays and that does not make them BAD people! I don’t love anyone any less if they gained weight - and I’m sure you don’t either

Instead of the self punishing cycle I normally find myself on this time of year I am instead in a period of increased peacefulness, love and respect for my body - I haven’t had a moment of stress, despair, panic or shame about my body, and no bingeing, emotional eating or other weird behaviours around food.

I encourage you to try - even for a short period as an experiment - how your life, behaviour around food, and stress level would be different if you tried taking the attitude that holiday weight gain is not the end of the world, and instead use your valuable time and energy cultivating a more loving accepting relationship with your body.

Comment below to let me know how that goes for you!!

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